Academic Community Engagement Advising

The University of Pittsburgh Honors College embraces the phrase, “The city is our campus.” We believe that every student has the responsibility to engage with the communities in which we live, whether locally in Pittsburgh, nationally, or internationally.

Some students think of community service as being something that is IN ADDITION to what they are doing academically and are reluctant to engage because they do not have time outside their studies. However, the UHC promotes academic community engagement where students directly connect their academic interests and skills to positively impact their communities.

Through personalized advising, our UHC Academic Community Engagement Advisor connects students to meaningful opportunities in which they can apply their classroom knowledge to positively impact people’s lives. Our Community Engagement Advisor maintains relationships with campus and city leaders, non-profit organizations, and businesses to meaningfully connect students directly to opportunities that interest them most.

Pitt students who actively engage in their communities will attain an experiential dimension to their education as they test classroom learning firsthand, feel better connected to their academic and social communities, and receive valuable preparation for their future educational and professional careers.

Every student has the ability to make a powerful impact in their community. Please browse the rest of our site to find out how we can help you get involved.

Schedule an advising appointment with our Academic Community Engagement Advisor to learn more about community engagement within the UHC and you can begin making an impact.