Advisory Groups

Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Advisory Board

Mark Anderson
Department of English

David Birnbaum
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Waverly Duck
Department of Sociology

Nadine McQuarrie
Department of Geology and Environmental Science

Werner Troesken
Department of Economics 

Tessa Warren
Department of Psychology

Student Advisory Board, 2016-17

Leenie Baker
English Writing, Political Science, Theatre Arts

Emma Casehart
Actuarial Mathematics, Spanish

Brett Curtis

Emily Goldberg
BPhil, 2015 (Communication Science)

Zach Grewe

Joseph Kannarkat

Wyatt Koma

Sage Lincoln
Ecology and Evolution, Environmental Geology, Urban Studies

Eleanna Melcher
German Language and Cultural Studies

Stefan Poost
Architectural Studies, Ecology and Evolution

Marcus Robinson
Neuroscience, Anthropology

Sofia Sandoval
BA, 2016 (Studio Arts); BS, 2016 (Natural Sciences Area)

Soumya Vhasure